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Bai Cheng – to generate harmony by sincerity
Baicheng Trading Corporation Limited was established in 1996. Over ten years ago the company was a small distributor and agent of wine products while now it has evolved itself into a large comprehensive business enterprise with investment, product development, channels and brand management altogether. For ten years, the company has conquered a lot and will never cease his step.
Baicheng Trading is located in the essential region of West Coast Economic Zone -- Putian city. Nevertheless, the company has been engaged in investment in Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Shantou, and Dongguan , whose cooperative enterprises include not only domestic leading corporations, for instance, Changyu wine, Guyue Longshan distilled spirit, Wuliangye distilled spirit, Luzhou distilled spirit and so on, but also Italy GIV group, South Korea Hite Jinro group and other companies forming a strategic alliance. As the industry's well-known channels and brand operator, the company has been well approved by the State Administration of Trademark Registration of the name "Baicheng" and his logo. These along with the corporate spirit and service compose the company’s core culture and will be carried on prosperously.
For ten years, Baicheng, with the participation of many famous brands, share the same responsibilities, exploit carefully and coordinate harmoniously to create lots of brilliant achievements and build up series of stable example markets. The bridge between Baicheng and his manufacturers and distributors, brand and market, the win-win situation, the smooth pleasant mode of operation, created by the company, has won consistent applause from the industry partners.
Based in Putian, Baicheng looks around the whole domestic market and forward into the global industry. The old saying goes "There is one man who has encyclopedical literary talent and counsel ", Baicheng has a grand vision, which mainly counts on his solid foundation laid within these years! After long term concentrated business, software construction of culture and hardware construction of the market provides the company sufficient confidence and strength to pursue new ideal and set sail new target. Baicheng is broad-minded, fully inclusive and equitable and learn widely from others' strong points. We can believe that Baicheng will retrieve the success in the near future.